Our Investment Management Approach

Seeking High Quality Investments

We employ a top-down fundamental approach in our research and analysis. We start by looking at the ‘big picture’ – the global economy – to identify key drivers and influencers of its overall performance. We then focus on the North American scene with intensified analysis of various industry sectors and their potential outcomes arising from forecast macro-economic activity. Finally, our attention narrows in on the ‘fine print’ with detailed fundamental analysis that identifies the quality investments that meet our standards for portfolio consideration and inclusion.

Disciplined and pro-active management of our portfolios begin immediately after their construction to maintain the standard of quality in our investments. In addition to regular, formal portfolio reviews, we are continually analyzing economic and market information to determine potential impacts on our portfolios. If so, action is taken to bring the portfolio up to its most efficient status. Strict adherence to this disciplined investment process builds quality into consistent, long term and successful portfolio returns.”

top-down approach

We start with the ‘big picture’ and then zoom in on the ‘fine print’ to reveal investment opportunities.

fundamental analysis

We value securities based on research about the economy, industry and company.

active management

We invest actively, but trade passively.

independent decisions

We are employee owned. We work for and answer to our clients only. Our business agenda and ethics are never subordinated to another corporate body.

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