Our Client Management Approach

Delivering High Quality Service

We deliver high quality service experiences and develop long-term client relationships that can be fostered for generations.

How we work with our clients reaches far beyond our strong investment track record of performance. We strive to be a part of our clients’ lives, beyond their wealth, to acquaint ourselves with them on a personal level so that we are always on the same page.

Our clients benefit from holistic communication as soon as the relationship begins. We endeavor in getting to know them in-depth, beyond their financial objectives. We begin the process by developing an investment plan and policy that will address their requirements, including their return objective, risk tolerance, liquidity needs, time horizon, tax considerations, and other needs. Once these are agreed upon, we take fiduciary responsibility and make investment decisions on their behalf to build and manage their tailored portfolio.

fiduciary responsibility

We always do what is best in our clients’ interest. Always!

aligned interests

Our compensation is directly tied to how well client investments perform. We do not sell products, therefore do not receive commissions.

transparent fees

Our fees are based on a percentage of assets managed, further aligning our interests with our clients. Fees are tax deductible in certain accounts.

direct access

We are available to clients directly (we pick up our own phones) to discuss their finances. They also receive regular statements and newsletters.

third party custodian

We do not hold client assets; those are always held in the clients’ own individual names (never ours) at a major Canadian financial institution.

separately managed accounts

We manage accounts individually to reflect personalized needs, unlike commingled investment products such as Pool Funds or Mutual Funds.

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