Who we are

Since 1991, we have been a registered Portfolio Manager in British Columbia, Canada.


What we do 

We provide tailored discretionary investment management to investors of most sizes, from individuals & families to foundations, charities and non-profit organizations.


How we do it

We employ stringent top-down, fundamental analysis to build a portfolio of securities that suits our clients’ objectives.


Latest Insights

Investment Quarterly – October 2021


The world largely seems to be moving towards accepting life with COVID, understanding that full eradication of the virus seems unlikely in the near future. The vast majority have come to understand both the risks of the virus(es) and the benefits of vaccinations. In addition, people have adapted to the ongoing measures intended to curb rates of infection, which is likely to be the norm going forward.

How does this tie into the markets, and James Bond?

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August 2021 – What to make of “ESG” Investing?


The big “new” thing in investing in the last few years and which shot to prominence during COVID—is “sustainable” or “ESG” investing (environmental, social, and governance investing). The premise is straightforward: companies have avoided shouldering the costs of their negative impacts on society, on the environment, and on various stakeholders and now the bill is coming due. In many ways, the trend is not new at all …

So, what does all of this mean for us and you?

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Investment Quarterly – July 2021


Lee Turner & Associates entered its 31st year in June and while we paused to celebrate the anniversary, markets continued where they left off last quarter. We noted at the time how investors were obsessing over several binaries—re-openings versus shutdowns, variants versus vaccines, inflation versus unemployment, cyclical versus growth, and finally, young traders versus old investors. These tensions came no closer to being decided and in many cases, intensified.

While the securities we invest in continued to climb alongside the market during the quarter, we are keenly aware that volatility tends to accompany such rises.

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A Special Thank You!


Lee, Turner & Associates Inc. celebrated its 30th anniversary this past June.

When we reflected on these years passed, it is you – our clients that came to mind first and foremost. You put us where we are today. You gave us your trust and confidence, unwavering support, and warm friendship. We are truly grateful!

Thank you very, very much. We look forward to being of service to you and your families for many more years to come.

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